Welcome to our webstore  if you have purchased our products either at the farm or at one of our other venues now you can shop from the comfort of home. 

This is an auxiliary site since we seem to have so many problems with our regular web store. Please let me know if you find any problems or  links that do not work. If you have been to the farm you can tell there are quite a few products which we still need to add to the site. We are hoping to finish this over the winter while we are closed.
I hope you find what you are looking for below: If not, email us and let us help. beagleridge@gmail.com

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 Lotions and Creams- Our products will make you wonder why you waited so long to try them. As we say on the label- try us, 'your skin will thank you and you will be a believer'. 

****************************************************************************************************Our Body and Foot Creams contain lots of emollients but are not quite as rich as the Goats milk Lotion.

The Goats Milk Lotion is perfect for dry skin especially winter dry skin.  However if you have unusually dry skin, year round you might want to try our Shea Butter and Aloe Cream- The richest we offer.

The lotions are packaged in a 8 oz pump and the creams are in a 9 oz. jar. See the available scents for the respective products.

If there is a scent you know you have seen at the farm but it is not listed here send us an email and we will see what we can do.


The Goats Milk Lotion comes in a 8 oz. pump and a little goes a long way. Once you start using our products your skin your skin will thank you. Check out the drop down box to see the variety of lotions which are available.

Available scents

Lavender Goats milk lotion

$ 11.00 USD

Fragrant Lavender Lotion- imparts the scent of the lavender fields of Provence. The ultimate in skin softening, with the same quality you have come to expect in our product line. Goat's Milk adds a richness and healing properties which your skin will thank you. 8 oz. pump


Lavender bundles

$ 5.00 USD

These fragrant bunches will take you back to the fields of Provence. Whether you place them in a vase or just dispay on a shelf, this bunch will hold its fragrance for years. To refesh just lightly crush 1 bud and the Lavender oils will be released.


Lavender Body Cream

$ 11.00 USD

Lavender from the fields in Provence will come to mind when you use this fragrant cream. This silky cream is rich with Jojoba, Shea butter, Grapeseed Oil, Cocoa Butter, Aloe vera gel and infused herbs. Fabulous after a long hot bath or any time your skin needs it. It soaks into the skin and moisturizes while it soothes. Why not treat yourself like a queen? 9 oz.


Peppermint Sinus Relief

$ 7.75 USD

Our Goatsmilk lotion provides the base for our Peppermint Sinus Relief Cream. For temporay relief of a sinus headache. Just rub a small amount into your temples and let the cooling scent of peppermint and menthol provide relief. 2 oz.


Lavender Sachet

$ 3.50 USD

These organza bags are filled with Grosso Lavender buds. Whether placed in a drawer to scent your clothes, hung in your closet,or just laying out in your bedroom this fragrant sachet is a wonderful way to enjoy the scent of Lavender.


Lavender Wreath basket

$ 7.50 USD

Made of Grosso lavender stems woven into a wreath shaped basket this decoration can be used on the wall or even carried by bridesmaids.


Large Lavender Organza Bag

$ 12.00 USD

This large organza bag is filled with Grosso Lavender buds. 5 times as large as the small sachet  it may be used for craft projects or as a decoration in a room as it imparts the fabulous soothing scent of Lavender. 


Bubble Bath or Shower Gel

$ 7.50 USD

Create your own Spa

at home with luxurious

bubbles and heavenly


Treat yourself for a change!

Use on a shower pouf or pour  2 capful into  your bath and enjoy.




Room or Body Spray

$ 13.00 USD

For centuries the spicy freshness

of herbs have been used to scent

linens and  bed chambers.

Let our fragrant Room and Body  Spray

turn  your home into a soothing retreat from the real world.

 Spray on your linens, your room or your body ( avoid your face)



Lemon Lotion bars

$ 9.00 USD

This handy bar is a larger version of our handy purse sized Lotion Bar. This rich Lemon scented butter will rub easily into your cuticles, heel, or elbows wherever your skin is dry and rough and soften and soothe it.

This also comes in a larger jar which can sit on your bedside tabel to be used before going to bed.  


Lemon Butter

No Image Available

$ 10.00 USD

This 8 oz jar of Lemon Butter is a softer version of our Lemon Lotion Bar. Rub it onto winter ravished hands, heels or elbows to soften and soothe. Ideal after bathing or showering when the skin is moist, it melts at your body temperature and provides a lemony scent while it soothes your skin.


Peppermint Foot Cream

$ 11.00 USD

Our Peppermint Foot Cream is a perfect way to rejuvenate your tired feet after a long day. With Peppermint essential oil and menthol crystals our soothing foot cream will bring your feet back to life after a long day. Try it and you will be a believer.


Bath Fizzies

$ 5.00 USD

 Why not make your bath a special occasion rather than a daily ritual.Take the time to enjoy your bath by creating a fragrant, relaxing experience - reward yourself after a hard day.     Our Fizzies come in a variety of shapes and every scent imaginable. The best way to enjoy bath time is to make it fragrant, relaxing and slow - a reward for making it through the day. Toss one or two in your tub and soak your cares away and soften your skin too.


Lavender Dryer Bags

$ 2.50 USD

A decorative muslin bag filled with lavender buds. Toss in your dryer to leave you linens, laundry or lingerie with a fresh hint of Lavender. Lasts 8-10 loads to use in place of dryer sheets...


Culinary Lavender

$ 8.00 USD

This tin contains 2 oz. of Culinary Lavender buds, perfect for any of your cookie, cakes or any recipe which requires Lavender.


Liquid Hand Soap

$ 7 USD

Perfect for your kitchen or bathroom. This rich foaming soap is emollient rich and will soften your hands while it cleans with the fresh scent of Lemons. 


Gardeners Hand Scrub

$ 5 USD

Perfect for the gardener who refuses to wear gloves. This emollient rich scrub cleans while it softens. It contains Orange essential oil which not only provides an uplifting scent but adds antibacterial properties while you scrub.

Don't your hands deserve to be pampered too!


Rescue Balm

$ 9 USD

This emollient rich balm is loaded with all the emollients your dry winter skin is crying for. Rub just a bit into your dry skin and you will be a believer



Our Shea Butter and Aloe only comes in a lemon scent- this super rich butter melts into your skin and helps soften the driest skin. With any lotion be sure your skin is moist upon application- it  will make it work that much better.


This Vanilla Body Cream shown above is one of our many scents available. 

Our Body and Foot Creams will soften your skin and soothe the soul.  The cream is extra silky and is rich with Jojoba, Shea butter, Jojoba,coconut oil, and infused herbs.

Fabulous after a hot soak or any time your skin needs a pick me up.They  come in a 9 Oz jar and  in a variety of scents. Check the drop down list below.

Available scents

Goats Milk And Glycerine Soap

$ 4.50 USD

This soap contains goatsmilk and glycerine which is absent from store bought soap. Packaged in a  clear clamshell package with multiple scents and colors. Use this emollient rich yet lather rich soap and your skin will thank you.


The picture below shows just  few of our soaps, click on the drop down link to see wht scents  are available.

Available scents